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I have an e-commerce website selling organic products. What is the best way to build my business?
Questioned by Ashok Kanvariya, Rajasthan
The e – commerce websites are very popular these days, as most people now prefer online shopping. To improve and build this business further the following steps can be considered1) Paid Traffic - This can be one of the best ways to quickly generate sales for your ecommerce store. If done properly, paid traffic can in fact, be quite affordable and once you have a winning campaign on your hands, paid traffic can really take your business to the next level. Another way to increase traffic on your website it to do some paid promotion on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which have the link to your website on the pages. 2) Improve Trust with Your Funnel - When someone is going to buy something from your site, their journey is likely to look like this. See an Ad/Visit Site Using URL –> View Product Page -> View Checkout -> Go through Checkout Process. The process outlined above is referred to as the funnel that potential buyers go through before an actual transaction is made. By increasing the amount of trust that people have at each stage of the funnel, you’ll be able to improve conversions. You can include customer reviews and live chats for better reach to customers. 3) Make your check outs process simpler - By providing people with the option to checkout as a ‘guest,’ you’ll be able to soften the process of checking out. All of this helps to reduce friction and therefore makes the job of going through the shopping process easier, and less tiresome. 4) Use E Mail Marketing - If you already have an email list of customers, which is true for many ecommerce stores because people provide them during the checkout process, you’re off to a good start. However, if you do not have an email list already, then you’ll need to first focus on creating your list. 5) Become better at showcasing product benefits which is a great marketing in itself. Maybe the most obvious way is by taking better pictures of the products you’re showcasing. 6) Implement upsells - This isn’t really going to increase sales but it will increase average order value because you’re going to be taking those customers who are buying standard or basic products and leading them to buy ‘upgraded,’ or ‘customized’ versions of the products.

What are some tips to be successful at marketing our business?
Questioned by Balinder Singh, Haryana
Marketing is different for different industries, different platforms. But the core concepts are also the same. Understand who your customer is, understand what the main Unique Selling Proposition's (USPs) of the product is, understand what the problem you are solving for the customer and then communicate that to the customer over multiple media and multiple instances.

We are manufacturer of spices and took loan from pmegp scheme, business is still running but lack of marketing and competition with bigger brands, we are not able to compete with such brands Kindly advise us on how to increase my business.
Questioned by Anil kumar, Bihar
To understand how to beat bigger brands, you will need to understand how they operate. Larger Businesses sell their products based on national trends. These trends do not apply to smaller markets. Create deals with small distributers/retailers and do it at a cost effective price. Pitch to them that your service will be better, you will give them better rates and offer longer lasting deals.

In the current scenario how do customer engagement programs help the business and how can we build higher engagement to accelerate sales through the sales team and network
Questioned by SANTHOSH KUMAR MG, Kerala
Customer Engagement is an important part of ensuring the customer is happy with the brand and the service. Customer Engagement is key to the upselling and cross selling process. In a lot of companies upselling/cross selling makes up 30% of overall revenue.How to engage with customers differ from industry to industry. It could be a simple personalized packaging like Licious does, or it could be a thank you note in every product you sell, it could even be engaging with the customer for a feedback on the product/service. The customer will understand that you are a business that cares about what they think, this will add on to the overall perception of the customer to your brand.

For businesses and businessmen and women, such as- Outdoor site vendors, BTL Event managers etc. ,the lockdown has not just reduced business, it has virtually closed the business. Is there any forum to help such businesses tide over the situation? Any possibility of support in terms of demand generation ?
Questioned by Sreechaitanya, Kerala
The Pandemic has almost reduced human interactions and gatherings to near zero, which has in turn affected businesses involving the same. However, slowly and steadily things are opening up. Below-The-Line (BTL) marketing activation and Out-of-home advertising etc. are increasing with time; with industries and sectors coming up with new products which need to be advertised; there is a slow but steady rise for need of advertisement. W.r.t BTL activation, new plans/ways need to be devised through which message can be communicated efficiently without involving mass gathering; one of the best possible ways to do so is "Influencer Marketing" which is gaining momentum in the recent time and has potential to grow even more. There is an urgent need for evolved forms of BTL to come to the fore.

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